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Why Should My Son Join a Fraternity? Don't they Embody the Type of Behavior and Antics in Movies like Animal House or Old School?

Regretfully, pop culture and the poor behaviors of college men in the past few decades have stereotyped fraternity members as abusive, irresponsible partiers and hell-raisers. In reality, fraternities were founded as values-based organizations dedicated to the development of character and lifelong friendships. Lambda Chi Alpha has made great strides within the past decade to return to our original purpose. Our fraternity encourages its members to exemplify themselves to the highest standards of a gentleman, to study hard so that they can reach their potentials, and to become involved in their campuses and local communities.


Lambda Chi Alpha has adopted policies regarding standards of conduct deal with issues such as alcohol, drug abuse, hazing, regulated social events, required standards and fraternity education programs. In addition, Lambda Chi Alpha is a member organization of the Fraternal Information and Programming Group (FIPG), which is a consortium of men’s and women’s fraternities dedicated to standardized risk management policies across the country.


While Lambda Chi Alpha is a social brotherhood, our members are held to the highest standards of behavior and stature. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity does not condone the use of alcohol by minors at any time and takes a zero-tolerance approach in doing so. There are many dry chapters in Lambda Chi Alpha, of which Samford is one. There is a plan within our organization to mandate all of our chapter houses as alcohol-free, with the first step in this process being approved at the 2018 General Assembly comprised of student delegates from all of our chapters.


Lambda Chi Alpha condones no form of hazing by any alumnus, initiated member or new member. Such activities are not compatible with the ideals and traditions of the Fraternity and reflect negatively on the organization. Collegiate chapters and colonies are required to develop an educational program for all members that align with our Seven Core Values and in no way demeans, embarrasses or endangers any member or guest. The Samford brotherhood is very passionate and proud about being a verified non-hazing chapter. The safety of our members, along with upholding the local, city and state laws, is our #1 priority as an organization.


Any Lambda Chi Alpha chapters that fail to uphold any hazing, FIPG, and/or other Lambda Chi policies will be held accountable, which can lead to, at a minimum, the expulsion of offending members or, at maximum, the revocation of the chapter’s charter.


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