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What is My Role as a Parent?

Our best advice is this. Be supportive and learn as much as you can by asking questions of your son as he meets fraternity members and discusses his experiences. In the same way, it’s important for you to show interest in the path he has chosen and find out whether or not membership has guided him accordingly. If you ever have concerns, whether he communicates them to you or based on your own perceptions, you should contact the chapter advisor, Jim.


(Dads are Involved too!)

If your son becomes a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, there are many opportunities for parents to become involved. Some of our strongest chapters have strong participation by mothers and fathers. Samford’s chapter wants a Parents Club but is looking for the parents to take initiative in starting it. Parents can also assist by helping with organizing in Parents’ Weekend activities, homecoming activities, etiquette dinners or golf outings. If you are interested, contact our Advisor, Jim.


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