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The Jim C Hamil Alumni of the Year Award

The Jim C Hamil Alumni of the Year Award is the chapter's way of honoring alumni who have impacted the chapter in a significant way in the years leading up to their award.


In 2013 the award was named for the chapter's loved and appreciated alumnus, Jim C Hamil, at his second retirement from serving the chapter (which didn't take) in recognition of his tireless efforts to lead and develop men through Scripture and Lambda Chi Alpha's True Brother Initiative.



Past Awardees:

2020 - Collin Plourde

2019 - 

2018 - 

2017 - Tim Bembry

2016 - Tim Bembry

2015 - 

2013 - Ben Pugh

2012 - Ben Pugh

2000 - Jim C Hamil

1999 - Jim C Hamil

1998 - Jim C Hamil


Ben pugh Web Small.jpg

Ben Pugh, 2012 & 2013

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