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What Educational Opportunities do You Provide My Son?

Lambda Chi Alpha chooses to make a positive difference in the lives of our members. Our continual goal is to provide an abundant supply of educational programming relevant to today’s college men—to add value and quality to their lives through their lifelong experience as a Lambda Chi Alpha brother. In keeping with this goal, Lambda Chi Alpha created the True Brother Initiative.


The TRUE Brother Initiative is a comprehensive development initiative that benefits new members, initiated members, and alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha. There are three main components of the TRUE Brother Initiative that reflect the stage at which a member of Lambda Chi Alpha is currently experiencing; with the foundation for the True Brother identity being formed by the Seven Core Values of Lambda Chi Alpha- Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service and Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.


No longer satisfied with how false concepts and inappropriate stereotypes contribute to the modern day fraternity experience, Lambda Chi Alpha recognizes the Christian teachings of our rituals and our Seven Core Values as the foundations of our brotherhood, and these values are fully incorporated into all aspects of operations. From the beginning of a man’s Lambda Chi Alpha experience, these are instilled and cultivated through a tactical approach to values-based recruiting. Additionally, our Associate Member program has grown through a demanding, but never demeaning, new member education framework focusing on a young man’s growth, maturation, and development rooted in these philosophical values. This immediately continues with the ongoing programmatic development of our initiated brothers by offering structured developmental experiences.


In addition to embracing core values and developing our brothers' past initiation, Lambda Chi Alpha has made the shift to utilizing the educational and developmental model in approaching all aspects of operations affecting our constituencies. For new members and active brothers to alumni, staff, and beyond, the model is rooted in concepts like mentorship and role modeling, growth from failure, commitment, and servant leadership. Greater benefits are in store when we recognize that our men are more likely to strive for success when they occasionally encounter obstacles and challenges and prevail or make mistakes and are coached through them in a learning environment.


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