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Awards & Recognition

Theta Alpha Zeta's Awards and Recognitions include many of the areas you might think a fraternity would excel - physical competitions and frat-boy competitions. However, the chapter also regularly achieves the highest GPA of all fraternities at Samford and within the top 10% GPA for Lambda Chi Alpha International.

Academics aren't the chapter's only strength. The brothers and associates of Samford's Lambda Chi Alpha have a consistent and rich heritage of awards related to intramural athletics and IFC athletic competitions. The chapter has dominated the Intramural Volleyball tournament, many years as the champion team. Other areas of strength in sports include soccer, basketball, and football.


Samford's Step Sing competition is a huge part of the campus. In years we choose to participate, Theta Alpha Zeta maintains an outlook of enjoying the experience of Step Sing, while being competitive in certain show years. The chapter has placed for many of its Step Sing shows and has won Sweepstakes numerous times, with the most recent within the past ten years.

For Most of the Past Decade, Samford's Lambda Chi Alpha has ranked as the highest GPA among fraternities and in 2015 the chapter had a higher GPA than any fraternity or sorority on campus and higher than Non-Greek Men and Non-Greek Women

Theta Alpha Zeta's recognition doesn't end within Samford's boundaries nor within the realm of Lambda Chi Alpha International. The chapter has been recognized and won many awards within the community for its service and labor within the area.

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