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The Only Fraternity at Samford with a Supporting Foundation

The Educational Foundation of Samford's Lambda Chi Alpha exists to support the chapter and its members with two separate processes, The Endowed Foundation Fund and the Samford Lambda Chi Legacy Endowed Scholarship Fund.


Lambda Chi Alpha is the only fraternity at Samford to be supported by a local foundation whose sole purpose is funding the chapter and supporting its brothers. The Foundation is wholly operated by the local alumni.

The Foundation Fund

Samford Lambda Chi's Endowed Foundation Fund exists to support the educational programs of the chapter and also to assist with extreme special needs of individual members. The Endowed Foundation Fund is under the supervision and direction of The Samford Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation and is supported by contributions of Theta Alpha Zeta alumni.

Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Endowed Scholarship Fund exists to assist the undergraduate brothers and children of alumni brothers with tuition and is in addition to any Samford Financial Aid Package the undergraduate may be receiving. All brothers in good standing are eligible to apply for the Samford Lambda Chi Legacy Scholarship. Recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Samford Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation.

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