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Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Endowed Scholarship Fund exists to assist the undergraduate brothers and children of alumni brothers with tuition and is in addition to any Samford Financial Aid Package the undergraduate may be receiving. All brothers in good standing and children of alumni brothers in good standing are eligible to apply for the Samford Lambda Chi Legacy Scholarship. Recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Samford Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation.

2023-2024 Application

Click to Apply. You are strongly advised to read the terms and conditions before starting the application. Once you begin the application, you cannot pause and return later. To use this application on a device other than a desktop computer, you are advised to run the program maximized (you may maximize it at any time by clicking the circle containing arrows in the upper right-hand corner of the application). The application must be maximized for certain screens, including the captcha screen; however it may toggle from maximized when it asks you to upload files. The application has been tested, but should you encounter issues you may email the foundation.

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