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Every Brother Lives a No-Hazing Lifestyle

Many fraternities and other organizations have a "no hazing policy", but we are serious about ours. We personally guarantee you that there is absolutely no hazing in our chapter. We are passionate about this.


More than 40 years ago Lambda Chi Alpha was the first fraternity to abolish "Pledges". In Lambda Chi Alpha we have Associate Members, which have all of the rights of the Initiated Members except in matters related to the ritual. Associate Members can vote on almost all matters, can hold office, can speak their mind about any issue without fear.


At Samford's Lambda Chi Alpha we even go a step further. We call our Associate Members by the term Associate Brother. There is a true bond between our Associate Brothers and our Initiated Brothers. This bond only deepens throughout the 8 weeks of shepherding the Associate Brother to the point of the initiation ritual.

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