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The True Brother Initiative

As a co-curricular partner in higher education and leader in the Greek movement, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity is redefining the undergraduate Greek experience by focusing on the importance of the maturational development of today's fraternity men. 

Lambda Chi Alpha's TRUE Brother Initiative is a comprehensive development program for undergraduate brothers to actively live our Seven Core Values in every aspect of their lives.

From the beginning of a man's Lambda Chi Alpha experience, these values are instilled and cultivated through a tactical approach to values-based recruiting. Additionally, our associate member program has grown through a demanding, but never demeaning, new member education framework focusing on a young man's growth, maturation, and development rooted in these philosophical values.

The stages of the TRUE Brother initiative are

  • Outer Circle (Associate)

  • Inner Circle (brotherhood development)

  • Mastery Circle (implementing post graduation)

Outer Circle: New members are recruited and immediately welcomed as potential brothers in the bond through the Associate Member Ceremony. Associates are then exposed to the Call to Brotherhood, which includes a basic knowledge of the fraternity and its seven core values. 
Inner Circle:  The Inner Circle is the stage where brotherhood development takes root. The initiated brother's journey is divided into four levels contributing to the adoption of the TRUE Brother identity:
  • Faithful Steward 
  • Servant Leader
  • Leader of Character
  • Lifetime Brother
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