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A Brotherhood of Depth

     A Brotherhood of Diversity

          A Brotherhood of Values

The Theta Alpha Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha has repeatedly won campus and national awards for the scope and quality of its programming. Each semester the chapter presents a wide range of educational activities designed to foster the growth of each brother and to enhance his undergraduate experience. Academic Programs focus on enhanced scholarship and educational competence. Fraternity Education Programs utilized Lambda Chi Alpha's True Brother Initiative along with a variety of opportunities developed by the chapter. Social Programs provide varied opportunities for interaction and good times, often in collaboration with sororities and other campus organizations. Community Service Programs included many opportunities to develop a sense of altruism and community involvement for our brothers..

Our seven core values are what we live by. Once learned they help provide an internal moral compass to help make ethical decisions.

Our brotherhood is comprised of men from various backgrounds.
The ideal fraternity experience affords its members a close bond of friendship and cooperation is fostered. 
Our second public motto is Vir Quisque Vir, meaning Every Man a Man.
Our brotherhood supports each individual and challenges each brother to develop into a man, reflecting our core values.
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