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Do you participate in Formal Rush?
We participate in Formal Rush some years and don't others. Formal Rush at Samford is a structured process of spending time at each chapter during which the respective chapters go through a process of figuring out their new member class.


What about Informal Recruitment?
Formal Rush is not the only way to join Lambda Chi Alpha. If Formal Rush isn't for you and you want to give your potential brothers a chance to know you and give you a chance to know us, then this is your option. Our fraternity doesn't believe that Rush provides an environment to effectively know who you are joining. Interested in pursuing this option? It's simple: contact us and we will invite you to hang out with us in a few informal settings. If we feel you are a fit for our brotherhood and if you decide you want to join, we'll extend you a bid.




Is the Food Drive your only philanthropic effort?
No, we are actively involved in charities and non-profit organizations all across the Birmingham Metro Area. However, our Food Drive is our unified effort, including brothers internationally.




What does brotherhood mean in Lambda Chi Alpha?
Wow! Way to ask us a loaded question. Let's first start with what it doesn't mean: We are not a group of beer monkeys who party every weekend. We are not the type of fraternity you see in movies (e.g. Animal House, etc). We are a fraternity of true brotherhood for a lifetime. In Lambda Chi you share a bond with over 300,000 others internationally. When you meet a stranger who is a brother, they aren't really a stranger. Yeah, we know it sounds kooky, but you won't find a tighter bond on this campus nor a tighter bond nationwide.


Associate Brother / No Hazing


OK, you emphasized No Hazing all over your website, but isn't that something you say to make the people in charge happy?
No, we literally do not haze. Ever. No Way.




BUT, I've heard that you throw cinder blocks at your Associates.
This is one of those rumors that makes us scratch our head. Have you ever tried to throw a cinder block? Gravity kind of prevents it from happening. See the section on No Hazing because throwing cinder blocks would fall into one of those things we say no to. So bottom line: We don't throw cinder blocks, nor anything else at our Associate Brothers. Once again, we are serious about the No Hazing thing.


BUT, guys in another fraternity joke about Samford's Lambda Chi Alpha using cinder blocks to haze your associates so isn't there some truth in it?
Not at all. We don't know where the whole cinder block thing comes from. Apparently there are some big imaginations out there who want to believe that we haze our associates, however, they are very wrong.

Someone said your chapter was suspended or thrown off campus a couple of years ago.
This was even mentioned in an article in the campus newspaper, however, it is not true. Lambda Chi Alpha was not suspended and remained on campus during the rumored time. The rumored time in question was during 2012, about the same time we sold our house, so we're sure this helped propagate the rumors. If you have any questions about this, feel free to email our chapter advisor who was here during that time period by clicking here


I heard that the University took your house away. Is that true?
Not true, we owned our own chapter house until the Summer of 2012. In 2011 our chapter's House Corporation realized that our house was at a point that it would be more beneficial to the chapter to sell it and use the funds to support the brotherhood. Even though the only true fraternity house on campus was awesome and we loved living there for 42 years, it was also old, inefficient, and needed many repairs. The financial forecast showed the House Corporation losing money at a rapid rate if they continued to operate the house. After months of negotiation, the House Corporation voluntarily sold the house to the University, who already owned the land. We will occupy another facility soon.


I heard that the University found bricks of cocaine in the walls of your house when they bought it.
Not true. We are a drug-free chapter and enforce a strict No Tolerance drug policy. There were no drugs nor any other illegal items in our house.


Scholarship / Educational Foundation


Your chapter has a scholarship?
Yessir, and it is awesome. A group of our chapter alumni operates a rather large endowment for us, the largest portion set aside for scholarships and another portion set aside to assist the chapter in educational needs and also help out undergraduate brothers with urgent, unplanned needs - such as losing their possessions in a fire or transportation to a close relative's funeral. A brother must be a member in good standing of our chapter for a minimum of one semester to be eligible for the scholarship. For more information, see the Educational Foundation tab.


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