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                A STELLAR FUTURE

A Fraternity like No Other at Samford, We Break the Stereotype

Samford's Lambda Chi Alpha chapter, the Theta Alpha Zeta, has an historic past which heavily influenced two national fraternities, and remains a force in present day with ambitious plans for the future. 

We live by our values which can be found in our creed. Our goal is contribution in the largest measure possible to the pre-eminence of truth and justice, and the well being of human kind. It is our aim to develop in our members the highest standards and acts of honor, chivalry, unselfishness, and loyalty to Christian principles. No finer means is offered for the achievement of these aims than the brotherly association of men with similar tastes and inclinations

Whether you are an alumni of our chapter, a current brother of our or another chapter, or a prospective student or parent, please look around and email us should you have questions.

A Lifetime of


Our fraternity is proud to be one of the most internationally recognized fraternities in the world and Lambda Chi Alpha continues our 100 year traditions and values by continuing to be an active player in campus leadership, student involvement, and community service. Our brothers are involved in most every campus group, as well as in the community. From the Samford Recruitment team to College Republicans, the brothers and associates of our chapter are some of the most well known students on campus.


Everyone has values, and ours are unmistakable. Our legacy on campus is mentioned on our Recognition Page. 

To the incoming freshman, we encourage you to get to know the members of the chapters on campus prior to joining a fraternity. To those interested in our brotherhood, both Incoming Freshman and upperclassmen, contact one of the brothers or the Recruitment Chair for more information.

Not a Club, but







Tied as 1 of the 22 Top Tier Lambda Chi Alpha Chapters in Fall 2016

PO Box 430182 | Birmingham, AL 35243

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